AI vs Conversational Marketing vs Chatbot

AI. Artificial intelligence. It is all the rage, and in the news daily. ChatGPT, Bard, and several others have been tantalizing us with their capabilities – and the possibilities. I hopped on board with one particular product that specialized in images, hoping it would be a huge timesaver for me. Let AI create images for me so I didn’t have to spend a lot of time searching my stash of over 150,000 images (and the millions I have access to online) for my clients’ projects.

I have to say I was really disappointed. The quality of the images was often poor, the initial selections limited. And each refresh for more delivered increasingly bizarre results. The tool’s ability to translate and formulate conceptual graphics was also abysmal. Most of the time it couldn’t even formulate a reasonable guess as to what I requested. The tool simply gave an image for one of the words in the phrase. I guess it needs to mature a bit more before it will be useful for my needs.

I think we saw a similar thing when Microsoft’s entry to the field bombed during its debut – giving wrong answers and then arguing with users who tried to correct it. For all the billions of pieces of information it was trained with, the vast amount of data it could mine from the internet (which may or may not be true and factual), it failed. It was unable to distinguish and discern.

Chatbots: Early Automated Marketing

But those aren’t the only chatbots. Others have been around for a number of years…those stiff, limited ones you’ve been frustrated by in the past when you’ve reached out for support on websites. You know the ones I mean – you only get a good answer if you ask your question in a specific manner using particular words. Or you get caught in a loop with no resolution other than making a phone call, and hoping you won’t be trapped in another pleasant but poorly scripted bot. But still, the automation is useful in many circumstances so they are worth having for many businesses.

How would you like to have an intelligent conversational marketing system that will only give your customers and prospects accurate information? One that can efficiently handle customer service requests? Prequalify prospects then direct them to the most appropriate product or service you offer? Answer all their preliminary questions, collect their contact information, and then transfer them to you for a live chat, text conversation, or phone call? How about one that could be on your website to handle customer service and another version on Facebook for prospecting?

Conversational Marketing: More Personal and Responsive

You can! We can help you harness a truly responsive chatbot that we customize to respond in your voice, your words, and with your attitude – whether it’s formal or informal, chatty, or humorous. Our conversational marketing system is custom-built for you, by us. We’ll personally spend the time with you to determine what you need in order to accomplish your goals, whether those are getting new, pre-qualified customers, increasing sales from existing clients, or efficient handling of administrative service tasks.

If you’re intrigued and would like to see how it can work, check out our demo. Or reach out to us with your website domain name and we’ll send you a private link enabling you to experience what it would be like for visitors to your website. (For this demo purpose, we don’t even need login or backend access to your site! And don’t worry, no one else will see it unless you give them the private link we’ll share with you.)

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